Newsletter: Nostalgia and Geography Drive Response to Audio

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In this edition, we wanted to share some recent research on how music and emotion interact, and how this can lead to better marketing. We also wanted to share our final insights from March AdNess. (Which, admittedly, largely took place in April.)

We saw how Nostalgia drove the top performers, but also impacted how different demographic segments responded to the ads. We also saw how geographic taste impacted responses.

“New research into brain science shows that sound is a critical factor to building strong emotional connections… Studies show humans react to sound faster than to a visual cue.”

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Additional research shows how emotions are generated by the brain and translated into facial expressions. This has implications for implicit and explicit methods for collecting Marketing Response Data to audio.

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Lastly, you know you love Queen’s “We Are The Champions”, but now research reveals why: NPR interviews a singing teacher and biophysicist who studied Freddie Mercury’s voice.

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