A Game of Tones: How well do you know your football networks?

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Veritonic Game of Tones - Know Your Networks

Football relies on sights AND sounds. Read on to learn about the NFL telecast music from 5 networks. Then take the quiz to see how YOU score!

Now that football season is under way, it’s time to announce a new audio champion: FOX has the best brand recognition for its NFL broadcast music.

Veritonic Brand Recognition by Network
© Veritonic 2017. Source: Veritonic

As you can see from Veritonic’s proprietary panel research, Fox has a slight lead over ESPN for the most identifiable theme music.


Veritonic’s platform gathered Marketing Response Data from a census-representative panel of over 300 Americans in August, prior to the beginning of the football season, to see what emotions and feelings each network’s football telecast theme music evoked. The platform also examined the aided brand recall for each track.

What Did We Learn?

The first and most obvious takeaway is that there are two clear leaders: Fox and ESPN (current home of the venerable Monday Night Football franchise), and everyone else. Panelists were able to correctly associate their theme music 21% and 20% of the time, respectively.

Second, brand awareness for the individual networks (other than Fox) is relatively low. Even Fox and ESPN’s MNF music are associated with the wrong network 80% of the time.

Veritonic Network Brand Associations
© Veritonic 2017. Source: Veritonic

In fact, more respondents thought that Monday Night Football was the telecast music for NBC, CBS and the NFL Network than correctly identified those network’s actual music!

These brand associations are occurring in spite of the fact that each track is played dozens of times during each broadcast, and literally hundreds of times across each season.

What conclusions can we draw from this?

Longevity Matters

The Monday Night Football music has been essentially unchanged since inception. It’s even stayed the same as the franchise moved across networks.

Repetitions Count

The Fox music is also notable for being the same music that Fox uses for MLB baseball and for Nascar. That’s several hundred additional chances the Fox music has throughout the year to ingrain itself with the audience.

Next, Take The Quiz

Now it’s YOUR turn. Take the quiz below to see how well you can identify each network’s music.

We’ll keep the poll open throughout the football season. Check back to see if the brand associations change over the course of the season!

Match the Audio Logo to the Network


Track A
Track B
Track C
Track D
Track E


We’ve closed the quiz.

If you’ve already submitted results, thanks for playing!
If not, listen to the tracks on the left, then check out the answers below!

  1. Track A: CBS
  2. Track B: ESPN
  3. Track C: FOX
  4. Track D: NBC
  5. Track E: NFL

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