NEW DATA: Radio Rocks The Vote

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Katz Radio Group proves the power of radio to move swing voters in Florida

Greetings from Orlando, where team Veritonic is all over Radio Show, the industry’s annual confab. As Katz radio group has begun leveraging our platform to generate ongoing research around radio’s influence on the electorate   and to create best practices for making more effective political radio spots   what better place to announce its first findings: radio has a strong ability to influence crucial swing voters in the current U.S. Senate race in Florida.

NEW DATA: Proving the Power of Personalization with Pandora

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Dynamic audio creative drives better ad performance

It’s hard to deny that a customized brand message — to someone’s gender, age, location, weather, behavior, preferences and more — is going to resonate better. It’s customized for them. Dynamic creative optimization was created to do this on the fly and at massive scale, piecing together the most relevant components of a given ad for each person in real time.