The Sweet Sound of Insurance

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Is it possible that, these days, we’re hearing brands more than we’re seeing them? There’s a lot of evidence out there that would suggest we are.

Start with the simple fact that, according to Nielsen Neuro Science, TV ads aren’t seen 61% of the time — but they’re heard.

Next, I’ll be the millionth person this week to remind you of how hot podcasting is right now — from the fact that one-in-three Americans listened to a podcast last month, to Spotify’s acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor.

NEW DATA: Michelob achieves calm, but does it win?

If you’re playing along with the periodic release of Super Bowl ads in the lead up to the big game, you may have noticed a small trend: a few of them are clearly counting on the power of audio for their success. Specifically, as Ad Age reported, at least a couple of brands, including Pepsi and Michelob, are leaning on the audio phenomenon known as “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” (ASMR) to make a more impactful ad. ASMR, in short, prompts people to “experience a calming or tingling sensation in response to certain sounds like whispering and finger tapping.”

NEW DATA: Radio Rocks The Vote

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Katz Radio Group proves the power of radio to move swing voters in Florida

Greetings from Orlando, where team Veritonic is all over Radio Show, the industry’s annual confab. As Katz radio group has begun leveraging our platform to generate ongoing research around radio’s influence on the electorate   and to create best practices for making more effective political radio spots   what better place to announce its first findings: radio has a strong ability to influence crucial swing voters in the current U.S. Senate race in Florida.

NEW DATA: Proving the Power of Personalization with Pandora

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Dynamic audio creative drives better ad performance

It’s hard to deny that a customized brand message — to someone’s gender, age, location, weather, behavior, preferences and more — is going to resonate better. It’s customized for them. Dynamic creative optimization was created to do this on the fly and at massive scale, piecing together the most relevant components of a given ad for each person in real time.

5 Takeaways from the 2017 Sync Summit

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Veritonic sponsored the Sync Summit on June 12-13 at Webster Hall in New York City. The Sync Summit is an annual conference that brings together an audience of musicians, producers, music supervisors, and the people that license music for television, … Continued

March AdNess Finals Results

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In the final match, results are determined by Overall Scores. These overall scores are comprised of the Feelings and Emotions scores, as well as Veritonic’s proprietary alogrithms. Whichever ad has the higher Overall Score will be declared the first March Adness champion!

Round 3 Results Part 2

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Marketing powerhouses Capital One and Coca-Cola gave us the tightest match yet of the tournament: after viewing the ad, Capital One’s spot featuring “I Will Survive” with Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley, Spike Lee, and surprise guest Gloria Gaynor, was TIED for Purchase Intent with Coca Cola’s Cinderella ad featuring a waltz.

Round 3 Results Part 1

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In the semifinals, matches are decided by Purchase Intent: how likely are panelists to buy the good or service after being exposed to the ad? In case of a tie, matches will be decided by the difference between intent pre– and post-exposure. Pre-exposure intent measures how a panelist feels about a brand before any exposure to a specific ad, while post-exposure intent (obviously) measures the intent after exposure.

Round 2 Results!

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The remaining 8 NCAA corporate sponsors competed in the Round of Eight to see whose ads evoke Emotions most strongly. Scoring in this round is an average of the emotions Excited and Happy, and does not include the Feeling scores from the Round of Sixteen. Whichever brand achieves this higher overall emotions score will move on to the Final Four. Competing in the second round, we have two snack giants Reese’s versus Nabisco; auto company Infiniti versus auto insurer Allstate; Capital One versus Wendy’s; and Coca-Cola versus Pizza Hut.

Announcing March AdNess — Press Release

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Everyone’s talking about how teams in the NCAA match up. But what if the tournament’s sponsors competed, putting their ads in play?

Veritonic, the premier marketing analytics platform for sound, wanted to find out, so they launched March AdNess, in which ads’ sound and music go neck and neck, and only the sonically strongest survive. Full of upsets, underdog victors, and other surprises, this tournament promises to be as exciting as college basketball’s big event!

Product Update: Catalog

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You’re an editor cutting a video, and you need to select a background music track. You run through a mental checklist: This is for a dramatic moment, the inspirational climax of this piece. So you start searching the libraries of … Continued

Why Should I Test My Music?

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  You test everything, why don’t you test your music?   Advertising today is data driven.   Yes, that’s right: the days of “Mad Men,” drinking martinis and dreaming up amazing campaigns, then releasing them on TV in a blaze … Continued