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    From the growing prevalence of audio in our daily lives, to sound’s inherent ability to move people, it’s clear that 2021 […]
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    Picture this: it’s 2015, consumer spending is up almost 5% from last year, the job market is doing great, and […]
  • For Voices That Sway the Electorate, Listen to the Data
    Veritonic Audio Intelligence Guides Political Ads In Texas What’s your most top-of-mind product these days? Disinfectant wipes? Laundry detergent? A […]
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    I’ve always been a TV show fan, and have been investing my Thursday and Friday nights on the next episode […]
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    For better audio campaigns, listen to the market Think of the last time you bought something substantial, say, a new […]
  • Making Do, and Still Making Great Brand Messages, with NPR
    “We’re the people — we go on.” (The Grapes of Wrath) It’s amazing to look around and see the myriad […]
  • In tricky times, the world turns to audio (again)
    This article has been updated to include a new list of companies that are making audio content to support listeners. […]
  • Which consumer brands are winning audio?
    “We’re now thinking about the sound [of a brand advert] first versus the look second. It’s a really interesting way […]
  • Full-flight Optimization: Attribution Comes to Veritonic
    Today, we’re proud to announce one of the first and most critical pieces: attribution data will now be available in the Veritonic platform.
  • What Winning Audio Ads Sounded Like in 2019 — 5 Key Learnings
    What do you count on at the end of the year? Skating at Rockefeller Center? The annual showing of Scrooge […]
  • Audio: Old Medium, New Tricks
    Audio is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Make sure it’s effective with one of the newest forms of analytics. […]
  • The Unique Power of the Everyday Sound
    Living is easy with eyes closed…. (Lennon/McCartney) I, like millions of others around the world, am a diehard Beatles fan. […]
  • The Sweet Sound of Insurance
    Is it possible that, these days, we’re hearing brands more than we’re seeing them? There’s a lot of evidence out there that would suggest we are. Start with the simple fact that, according to Nielsen Neuro Science, TV ads aren’t seen 61% of the time — but they’re heard. Next, I’ll be the millionth person this week to remind you of how hot podcasting is right now — from the fact that one-in-three Americans listened to a podcast last month, to Spotify’s acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor.
  • Can A Scoring Standard Make Audio Creative Better?
    “Despite each 30-second commercial costing upwards of $5 million, on par with recent years, there was a lot of mediocrity.” […]
  • NEW DATA: Michelob achieves calm, but does it win?
    If you’re playing along with the periodic release of Super Bowl ads in the lead up to the big game, you may have noticed a small trend: a few of them are clearly counting on the power of audio for their success. Specifically, as Ad Age reported, at least a couple of brands, including Pepsi and Michelob, are leaning on the audio phenomenon known as “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” (ASMR) to make a more impactful ad. ASMR, in short, prompts people to “experience a calming or tingling sensation in response to certain sounds like whispering and finger tapping.”
  • 80’s music in ads ‘Rock(s) the casbah’ for Millennials
    Nostalgia is known to be a powerful emotion and is a common theme in advertising. Nostalgic cues delivered by music […]
  • NEW DATA: Radio Rocks The Vote
    Katz Radio Group proves the power of radio to move swing voters in Florida

    Greetings from Orlando, where team Veritonic is all over Radio Show, the industry’s annual confab. As Katz radio group has begun leveraging our platform to generate ongoing research around radio’s influence on the electorate   and to create best practices for making more effective political radio spots   what better place to announce its first findings: radio has a strong ability to influence crucial swing voters in the current U.S. Senate race in Florida.